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Closer (Album) - Ty | CD

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1.) Don't Watch That (Knickers, Y-Fronts and Jockstraps)
2.) Everybody
3.) This Here Music (featuring Speech of Arrested Development)
4.) The Idea (featuring De La Soul)
5.) What You Want (Taylormade) (featuring Taylor McFerrin, Jason the Angrynotes, and Joy
6.) Closer (featuring Maceo)
7.) Oh! (featuring Bahamadia and Zion I)
8.) Aim for Your Goals (featuring Eska)
9.) Sweating for Your Salary (featuring Wunmi Dele Sosimi)
10.) Sophisticated and Coarse (featuring Eska)
11.) L.O.V.E. (No Matter What) (featuring Vula)
12.) Hustle (That's Why We) (featuring Rich Medina)